Eagle View 3D Estimates

Eagle View 3D Estimates

ABG Remodeling takes pride in our efforts to stay up-to-date with cutting edge technology and innovative ideas to help our Lincoln customers save time and money on all home remodeling and home additions projects. One of the unique services we offer is the use of an automated measurement technology called Eagle View 3D. When our Lincoln clients elect to use this tool to create an estimate for property measurements, it saves an incredible amount of time on manual labor for the initial estimate. This technology also is 99.99% accurate, which ensures that the estimates are as honest and accurate as possible, since the risk of human error is eliminated.

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Here’s How It Works!

Depending on the size of your Lincoln home, initial estimates for your home remodeling and renovations can take as long as 8 hours of labor to accurately measure and assess your property. The typical initial estimate process requires a contractor to make an appointment to come out to your home and take all measurements by hand. The opportunity for human error and, in some cases, dishonesty in measurements can cost you unnecessary money. ABG Remodeling has the ability to use the Eagle View 3D technology to make structural measurements of your home by taking an aerial photo of your Lincoln home using patented software to create a 3D model and measurement of your home’s exterior.
Eagle View 3D saves you from having to make unnecessary appointments with contractors and ensures that with these incredibly accurate renderings of your home, the contractors at ABG Remodeling know how much time the project will take and exactly how much material will be needed.
If you choose to use the Eagle View 3D technology for your exterior home addition estimate, it is at no additional cost to you if you decide to use our home remodeling services.

Call ABG Remodeling today and learn more about this beneficial estimate technology, and how it sets us apart from other home remodeling services in the Lincoln area!