Deck Installation

Deck Installations- Lincoln, NE

When it comes to deck installations, ABG Remodeling is your premier deck contractor in Lincoln. Whether you’re looking for a wooden deck or a composite deck without the concern of splinters, Lincoln’s ABG Remodeling is here to help you through the whole process. Each deck will be uniquely designed to fit your needs.

There are various types of materials that can be used when installing a deck. Lincoln’s ABG Remodeling will provide you with the best selection of materials when envisioning and installing your new outdoor living space. You are not limited to using just one form of material. You might use different material for parts of your deck such as:

  • Flooring
  • Roofing
  • Screening
  • Framing  

Natural woods are seen as the most popular material when installing a deck in Lincoln due to its approved weather resistance material. When it comes to designing your new deck ABG Remodeling has a variety of wood materials to choose from.

Deck Designs–Lincoln, NE

The highest quality outdoor living areas around Lincoln have one thing in common: customized and elegant decks from ABG Remodeling. We take great pride in our wide variety of styles and deck designs, conceived with the help of our clients’ unique deck ideas as well as our experienced contractors’ time-tested customized deck plans. We want your deck additions to feel like an extension of your home; a place for you to entertain, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors without having to leave your own Lincoln backyard!

Need help choosing the deck design and materials for your deck plans? Here are some of the options ABG has to offer:

Deck Designs

ABG Remodeling can build a customized deck that fits the style and structure of your home and landscape. Here are some of the most popular deck designs:

  • Platform Deck: As one of the simplest deck designs, platform decks are low to the ground and great for single-level homes on flat landscape.
  • Raised Deck: Raised off the ground and held up by pillars, raised decks are a popular choice for homes with 1st level floors above ground level.
  • Two-Story Deck: These decks are great for outdoor access from upper level bedrooms.
  • Multi-level Deck: A series of decks connected by stairs or ramps, multi-level decks are popular for sloping landscapes because they contour to the ground. These decks can be multi-purpose. For example, you can design one section to be adjacent to the home for entertaining, one section in the shade, and one section in the sun.
  • Freestanding Deck: These decks are not attached to the home, and used to highlight specific areas of the landscape such as a garden or courtyard.

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Deck Materials

ABG Does Deck Installation & Deck Repair for All Types of Decks!

The decking material you choose for your customized deck from ABG can make a big difference in factors such as visual appearance and amount of maintenance. Find the deck material that best suits your needs:

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber: This decking material is the most popular in the Lincoln area due to its fantastic weather resistance. This lumber is specially treated to resist insects and decay. Wide availability makes this decking option extremely affordable.
  • Redwood & Cedar:An elegant decking choice, redwood and cedar are very rich in color and naturally resistant to decay.
  • Tropical Hardwoods:Unique in style and color, tropical hardwood decks are both elegant and durable due to the density of the wood as well as naturally weather resistant.
  • Composite Decking:A “green” option made from recycled materials, composite decking requires minimal maintenance, and no sanding or painting. It is incredibly weather resistant and comes in multiple styles and colors.
  • Synthetic Lumber:This is PVC or vinyl decking material that gives the appearance of wood. It requires no staining or sealing, and comes with slip-resistant options. PVC and vinyl lumber is low maintenance and lasts a lifetime.
  • Aluminum Decking: The material that requires the lowest maintenance and is highly affordable. Aluminum decking allows for multiple styles and color choices.

Our expert contractors have specialized in deck construction and existing deck repair for several years, and can confidently assist you in finding the best-suited deck materials and deck plans for your distinctive home. We ensure that all of your deck ideas are incorporated into the final deck design, making certain the final product is of the highest caliber and blends in to the existing architecture and landscape of your Lincoln home.

ABG Remodeling’s Preferred Deck and Pergola Manufacturers

ABG Remodeling installs decks and pergolas from the following deck manufacturers:


Don’t delay! Start your outdoor adventure with deck additions from ABG Remodeling and contact our Lincoln office today.