New Decks

New Decks – Lincoln, NE

When it comes to new deck designs, ABG Remodeling is your premier Lincoln deck contractor offering start to finish contracting services in the planning, designing, and building of your new outdoor living space. ABG deck company in Lincoln will meet with its customers to discuss their ideas, needs, and budget for their new deck. If you’re looking for a big deck for entertaining or a small deck for outdoor reading, ABG has many options to choose from. Each deck will be uniquely designed to fit your needs.

With every new deck design you can expect Lincoln’s ABG Remodeling to use building products that require low maintenance and made with high quality durable materials. As a licensed deck contractor in Lincoln, ABG Remodeling’s goal is to make your new outdoor living space a complete dream.

ABG deck company provides a variety of customized deck styles that suit your home and landscape. Here are some of our deck designs when planning your new deck:

  • Platform Deck
  • Raised Deck
  • Two-Story Deck
  • Multi-Level Deck
  • Freestanding Deck

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When Is It Time For a New Deck?

There are many factors when deciding if you need a new deck. ABG provides deck contracting services by inspecting key parts of your deck, helping to determine if it’s time for a new deck.

Here are a few things to look for:

  • Rotted Posts– If you have an older deck, it’s typical for the posts to rest on the footings. This leads to rotting due to soaking up water.
  • Loose Railings- A safety hazard, especially with young children, loose railings can ultimately result in greater problems.
  • Unsturdy Deck Boards- If your deck gives in when you walk across, the joists pulled away from the ledger which caused them to become weaker.
  • Age of Deck- A deck ages faster due to extreme temperature change from season to season. An inspection is great to determine if you need a new deck.   

Budgeting For a New Deck

Knowing the style of deck you want will help in determining the budget for your new outdoor living space. Unlike other deck companies in Lincoln, ABG provides 3D Technology deck contracting services that help to better understand your budget and provide you with an accurate estimate. Here are some cost factors to think of when budgeting for a new deck:

  • Shape
  • Height
  • Railing Length
  • Built-in features
  • Steps and benches

The cost of constructing a deck can vary due to the materials used, customization, and square footage of your new deck. The price of your newly designed deck can range anywhere between $2,500-$25,000.

ABG Remodeling’s Preferred Deck and Pergola Manufacturers

ABG Remodeling installs decks and pergolas from the following deck manufacturers:


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