Roofing Contractors–Lincoln, NE

A roof over your head is one of your most basic human needs, however, we often take our roofs for granted until they become damaged and roof repairs are needed quickly. Our Lincoln customers reap the benefits of having ABG Remodeling there to ensure your roof is of the highest-caliber and resistant to the harsh Nebraska weather. Our roofing contractors know that if the roofing installation or roof repairs are not done properly, your safety and wallet will be compromised no matter what roofing materials you choose. If you are a Lincoln resident in need of roof repair or roofing replacement, ABG Remodeling’s experienced roofing contractors will get it done right the FIRST time.

Why Choose ABG Remodeling for Your Customized Roof Installation or Roof Repair?

We believe that your roof is not only vital to your protection from the elements–especially during tornado season in Lincoln–but also that quality roofing is a central component in developing the overall style and appeal of your home. Replacing roof tile or getting an entirely new roof addition is a great way to add instant value to your property.

The concept of an ideal roof looks different for each of our Lincoln clients depending on their location and personal style. You might desire metal roofing for a low-maintenance and modernized aesthetic. Or perhaps you want to create an Italian look with a clay stucco roof tile. Whatever your desire, ABG Remodeling will customize a roof that fits seamlessly with the style of your home.

The 5 E’s of ABG Remodeling: Experienced Employees. Exceeding Expectations. Exceptional Customer Care. Expert Craftsmanship. “Everything from A to Z at ABG!”

Choosing the Best Roof Installation Options

ABG Remodeling carries a wide inventory of roof tile and roofing materials to suit your needs. Some of our most popular roofing materials include:

  • Asphalt Shingles: The most popular type of roofing shingles in the Lincoln area due to low cost and versatility, asphalt shingles are the most budget-friendly option for residential roofing.
  • Metal Roofing: Choose from steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc for a roof that is lightweight and stands up against wind and fire. Metal roofing is incredibly versatile, varying in color and shape, and can be designed to resemble more expensive materials. Metal roofing is one of the longest lasting and most energy efficient types of roofing materials, saving you time and money in the long run.
  • Clay Roof Tile: These roofing tiles have special insulating properties due the shape of the tiles, which makes clay roof tile an energy-efficient choice. Clay roof tiles are a durable option, virtually maintenance free against mildew and decay. Color stays naturally without staining or sealing also making the tile naturally environmentally friendly. Clay is not flammable, allowing for exceptional fire resistance. Clay roof tile is great if you want to invoke a classic Italian or Spanish ambiance for your home.
  • Concrete Roof Tile: A versatile and durable option, concrete roof tile can have textured or smooth surfaces and can be made to resemble alternative materials. The way it is installed makes it incredibly resistant to water infiltration as well as hail, wind, and fire. Concrete roof tile will not shatter or crack in the cold Nebraska temperatures.
  • Slate Roof Tile: This is the oldest form of roofing material as well as the longest lasting. Slate roof tile has great durability, natural weather resistance, and is an eco-friendly option. This tile is very commonly seen in residential homes with a traditional, classic style.
  • Wood Shingles and Shakes: These shingles provide a natural feel—great for a cabin-style aesthetic. Wood shingles and shakes are best for wind resistance and incredibly environmentally friendly.
  • Synthetic Plastic Roofing: Incredibly versatile, synthetic plastic or vinyl roofing can be any color and resemble anything from metal roofing to slate or wood shakes. This s I a cost-effective and lightweight option with fantastic fire and wind resistance.

Whether you need to simply repair a leaky roof or you need a full roof replacement, there is no roofing job we can’t handle. Call ABG Remodeling today and let our roofing contractors customize the perfect roof to put over your head!