Siding Installation

Siding Installation–Lincoln, NE

Residents in Lincoln and the surrounding Nebraska communities have an added challenge in the protection of their homes due to the drastically changing temperatures and frequent strong winds. Among the exterior home additions ABG Remodeling can provide is Siding installation is one of the exterior additions ABG Remodeling provides to create a fortress against the elements while enhancing the visual appeal to the outside of your home. We use only the finest siding materials available, and we’ll pay meticulous attention to ensure your siding is installed properly by the most knowledgeable siding contractors. From the ever-popular vinyl siding to the more complex stucco or brick veneer siding, ABG Remodeling can do it all! We are dedicated to enhancing the value, appearance, and safety of your Lincoln home with beautiful, top-notch siding.

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Which siding option is right for your Lincoln home? Take a look at some of the siding materials we offer to find the best fit for you:

Top 5 Lincoln Siding Options

  • VINYL SIDING:Vinyl siding is the most popular style of siding due to the vast array of colors and styles. Vinyl siding is also one of the most affordable siding options. The quality of vinyl siding has improved greatly over the years, and requires little to no maintenance. Our siding contractors can also add foam backing for added insulation and soundproofing.
  • WOOD SIDING or CEDAR SIDING:Often used for cottage or bungalow-style exteriors, cedar or wood siding can come in many different styles. Clapboard-style siding (also known as lap or bevel siding) is the most common design, however, wood siding can be installed as wood shakes or shingles as well. The most frequently used wood is Western Red cedar because of its durability and rich, vibrant color. Wood or cedar siding is a great environmentally-friendly option too!
  • FIBER CEMENT SIDING: A hybrid of wood fiber, sand, cement, and clay, fiber cement siding is a great low-cost siding option. Fiber cement siding is one of the most versatile siding materials, with the ability to appear as stone masonry, wood, clay, or stucco without the added expenses that usually comes with these pricier siding options. Not only is this siding material completely flame-resistant, it is also best for the cold Lincoln climates and harsh winds since it will not expand and contract at freezing temperatures. Fiber cement siding is low maintenance and termite resistant as well.
  • BRICK VENEER SIDING:Commonly used in Lincoln homes with Tudor, Colonial, or English cottage architecture, brick veneer siding can last a lifetime with proper installation by ABG Remodeling. Brick siding is extremely effective at protecting against fire, wind, and rain, as well as termites. Brick is a visually pleasing siding option due to the wide availability of varying textures and sizes of brick veneer siding to match to your home’s exterior.
  • ALUMINUM SIDING: A smart choice for Nebraska residents, aluminum siding is super affordable and can be fastened to your home in a way that provides extra wind resistance during tornadoes. Aluminum siding does not expand or contract in freezing temperatures, so no need to worry about cracking! Aluminum siding, like vinyl siding, can be easily customized in endless types of siding colors, shapes, and sizes, and needs almost no maintenance.

With countless siding colors, styles, and materials available to Lincoln homeowners, the amount of siding options can be overwhelming. Contact our siding contractors at ABG Remodeling today to guide you in making the best choice for your siding repair or installation.