Pergola Installation

Pergola Installation–Lincoln, NE

The Lincoln summers can be unbearably hot, making it uncomfortable to sit outside for long periods of time. Custom pergolas by ABG Remodeling are an elegant, yet affordable way to provide shaded areas for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors without overexposure to the sun or Nebraska winds. ABG Remodeling’s knowledgeable contractors make pergola installation simple and efficient, so you can create an elegant outdoor experience in no time.

A pergola canopy is a unique way to create an aesthetically appealing and functional outdoor haven. Pergolas are often have overlay of vines or other types of greenery, which provides an inviting, natural way to create shade for decks, patios, and other outdoor spaces. Pergolas by ABG Remodeling are quite versatile and commonly used as deck or patio covers, natural-looking extensions of your home or garden, an open outdoor sitting area, or an elegant focal point for your Lincoln home’s landscape.

Avoid the Dangers of DIY Pergola Installation

Pergola installation by ABG Remodeling saves you valuable time and potential frustration, which often comes with do-it-yourself pergola installation. Consider using our experienced pergola contractors as a stress-free alternative to purchasing a DIY pergola kit. We can provide insightful consulting on the most appropriate pergola designs for your specific needs. We have access to the highest quality materials and resources to ensure our custom pergolas are built to last, which is not always the case with a standard DIY pergola kit from a hardware store. Rather than going through the hassle of a do-it-yourself pergola installation, let ABG do the work! We can affordably install your pergola covers within a day, and make sure it is done right the first time, so your only worry will be choosing a book to read under the shade of your new elegant, customized pergola canopy.

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 Pergola Design Plans

ABG Remodeling’s contractors have clear goals in mind when assisting Lincoln clients with pergola design and installation. We ensure our pergolas are built to suit your unique needs, while blending in with the existing home, garden, or outdoor landscape. Our aim is to create pergola designs that are a functional and natural-looking extension of your home or garden, using only the finest materials to assure our pergola covers are durable enough withstand the unpredictable Lincoln weather Our contractors design and position your pergola to provide an optimal balance of sunlight and natural shade. ABG Remodeling pergolas can be free-standing or attached to an existing structure, and range from materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, PVC, brick, or stone, or a combination of multiple materials.

ABG Remodeling’s Preferred Deck and Pergola Manufacturers

ABG Remodeling installs decks and pergolas from the following deck manufacturers: